Friday, January 10, 2014

Word(s) of the Year 2014

 Hello All,

I like to start the New Year with a new word…I find it so interesting how a word can be shown to you through out a year. Normally, I choose a word that will help me with personal growth- something that defines your character as a human being…to become a better person...

2013 recap...

Little did I know when I chose the word WAX as 2013's word, would my life be affected by so many ways that have lead right into 2014.
 O waxing moon - 
where are you coming from?
I'm going home* find my soul.*tikkis 
  read more of Word of the Year 2013 celebrates the process and the growth to full potential. helps bring light to our path we chose to follow.

And so my learning path of understanding and listening to myself has been lit leading into


It arrives with some of the dust, the beginning of an enlightenment and understanding my own truth...which leads into understanding my own art.

What is the dust???

It is unexpected personal experiences, with the serious illness of a parent and how others in the family react and communicate in the wheel of life...also throw in the moving my studio where I had been comfortable (maybe too comfortable).

What is the enlightenment and understanding my own truth

In life, we are all handed unexpected life challenges. It is how we react to them that shows our true nature.
I am learning a great deal about myself and my own reactions to these challenges, that I have found to be so mutli-layered. My normal reaction would be to solve it quickly and move on.

I am now learning  to stop and listen carefully and intentionally to my soul, to give things some time. This is a great lesson for me being a Type A-Aries-First born-Child of an Alcoholic..yes we all have it...and how you unpack yours is up to you... 

With my Dad's illness comes other's baggage. I was recently received a disturbing text from a family member. We are not close, so this text was very misjudged about what is going on in my life. 

SOOoo... this lead me to think about today's world and how easy it is to be harsh when you do not have to be face to face or even talk with that person. How easy it is to have a one-sided discussion.

I find that this constant static is a deep lesson in learning  to be my own centered self. And with this came my inspiration for my word of the year..or I should say words of the year...

Words with Grace

I have chosen to think of my words this year with significance.
Words can build up or they can tear down...they can build or demolish...they can create closeness or push away.

To keep me on this side of the static and not lose myself, I have found that my words with grace whether spoken or in thoughts is the only way to get through this as a full heart-ed creative woman.

Grace while still holding truth...soulful truth...
truth that is realistic to myself while still being kind.
altered image from No. 9 Photography

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