Friday, February 28, 2014

Simone & Elise's Sewing

 “A teacher's purpose is not to create
students in his own image,
but to develop students who can
create their own image.”

I am so very thankful for my gift of teaching..of being able to create...and to share this with others. 

Over the last year, I stepped back from teaching so many to teaching a few.  It has not been without heartfelt loss of such a tight community that we had created, but through this process of stepping back I have come to be more connected within myself and therefore, my hope, is a better teacher.

I would like to share with you some of the dolls made of the last few months from two of my private students* Simone and her sister Elise. (next week Milvi's)


We had started with the Fashion Doll, but took a break so Simone could create Etta the Marotte Puppet for her Dad for Christmas.

This stick puppet was originally designed in a Bavarian Costume. Simone wanted to create something within her Dad's birth place of Poland.  She also wanted the doll to have black hair as her Polish Grandmother did.
Notice Simone's hair-do of the day!
Close up of painted formed felt face
Underskirt fabric shows a tea party!
Button in back mimics stitching on bands
peeping under the skirt is the base
covered in sweet fabric.

Fashion Doll

Onward with the Fashion Doll..Simone wanted not only to create this doll and in addition to create a wardrobe for this doll.
In her chemise and pantaloons
close up  of hand painted face
Part of our process is understanding what direction you want to design, 

so Simone sketched out two distinct outfits with descriptions.

Pale Pink Dress underlined with soft yellow

Magenta and Periwinkle Dress
As we were finishing this dress, Simone decided it needed a more defined waistline, this is when we added the gathered ribbon tying into a ribbon bow in the back.


Elise has started to take sewing lessons and came to me to make something fun. We decided to make a Scottie dog.

Elise and I discussed colors and then sat down and went through my fabrics to pick out a Valentine's theme dog. 
In this lesson, we talked about creating a dog by piecing fabrics together. If you notice each side is of different fabric choices and the under gusset is of sweet pink hearts.


 a pom pom nose and a bow finishes off this sweet puppy!

*private students: my door at my studio is always open to private students.
if you are interested you may reach me by email for times and fees.
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