Friday, March 7, 2014

Miliv's Sewing

When I became a sewing teacher, all I'd read began to come alive as I experienced the twin challenges of sharing what I learned and helping students find their quiet center within this activity.
 expert from Sewing's Buddha's Robe
One of my goals in teaching my students is to take my students on a journey of progressing with techniques not only to create a doll from one of my patterns but to start to build their own skills in creating and understanding original work. 

It does take time to first learn techniques and then later we can apply them to creating these unique pieces of their own!

We created Meow Meow together..our concentration was on creating a beautiful face with hand painted eyes and using lovely Asian fabrics.

read more here about my designing of Meow Meow

 close up - notice the wonderful eyes
and sweet face that Milvi created.

Our next step in our progression together, was to start sculpting in clay! We sculpted step by step to make this wonderful rabbit head and paws. 

In my heart, cloth rings true to me, so I usually design using cloth in some we did in the body and costuming. 

Miliv has a talent for picking out lovely fabrics...
close up of hand sculpted head

The costume in detail:
French knots at sleeve
mimic the butterfly's tail!
Carefully chosen fabric for the obi
with hand-stitched medallion at the center wrap
a hint of the embroidery under the organza skirt
each stitch mends the soul..
I have always felt that hand-sewing is so good for you...
so good for your soul...
so good to help you find your quiet center.

next week: fabric from India!


  1. What a beautiful creature Miliv has created! I have never wanted to do this, but I am suddenly dying to take an online class from you, Leslie. Have you ever considered how you would do this, from your BlogSpot? Maybe all the students could buy the pattern and assemble the supplies in advance, and then we could e-mail back and forth as the day goes on. Either that, or I could just fly to Denver :-) Thanks so much for sharing this. Heather xo

  2. From Rita:
    These art dolls are so beautiful and the faces are amazingly expressive and detailed. Wonderful for both the students and the teacher who nurtures her.


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