Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alma Benita - complete

I believe this doll to be one of very 

tender and quiet strength...wisdom.

So with in keeping of her spirit, 

there will be no narrative just images...


Alma Benita ~ Blessed Soul

all images: Mark Mortensen

 Marriage - Love 






Close ups


~Marriage ~ Love ~
God bless you and give you peace and love,
heart to heart and hand in hand

Dios te bendiga y te dan paz y amor, 
corazón a corazón y mano a mano


  1. I was shown this doll (on Face Time) by the person who now owns her. The doll is truly exquisite. You can see that the doll was made by someone with a loving and beautiful heart. Just lovely.

  2. Leslie she is just so full of grace. I love all her elegant details. Thank you for sharing, Tammy

  3. really wonderful Leslie -your skill level has been so very much elevated since I took the class from you at the Doll gathering in Seattle several years ago. Love how your stitchery brings out all the features .I left my doll making behind in the last 5 years for other art expressions. Some day maybe I will make one again. Wondering if you still sell the face forms etc.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! Seattle- yes I remember that conference, it was so much fun.
      Alma is from a series that are sold only as completed pieces.


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