Friday, July 11, 2014


After the seeing my dear Dad through his passing to a better place, and unforeseen family issues that had arisen, I was in desperate need of a break.

I called my cousin, Mary, who lives in Seattle, and asked if she was up for a visit from me and yes! she and her husband, Ricky, were...

and here is my four-day (jam packed) trip!


Landed and off we went to Pikes Market...for browsing and lunch.

Mark loves cherries and they were in season there- so I took a photo for him!

Blocks and block of flowers- me by my sweet pea birth flowers!
Bella Umbrella Store- it IS Seattle!
We went by ferry to Vashon Island...

We roamed through the Vashon Farmer's Market and ate lunch at a bakery..ok...we did eat croissant filled with ham and cheese and did break down and share a big cookie!

Back onto the ferry late afternoon and head to downtown Seattle to see the Chihuly Museum at the Space was beyond what I imagined...
starting off simple with American Indian baskets and his interpretation in glass.
A small room with pedestalled pieces of marine life...

 And then BOOM!
a 20 ft high glass piece filling the huge space...keeping on with the sea life.
Rounding into a room...filled with glass in all shapes. the things he is well known for...
 And then outside to the garden.
I could go on with the 800 and some photos,
but I will end with my favorite photo!


We had an "easy" day and went to brunch at the Des Moines Marina...they are known for their blueberry coffee cake!
kingfisher bird- I found this intriguing since the feathers are used in Imperial Chinese hats.
But wait there is more!
My cousin and her husband are really into family ancestry- to the point that they found one of my relatives on my Hansen side.. and he is my natural father's cousin- so my second cousin!
Ben and his sweet wife!


And so my trip was coming to an end but not before we went to China town!
Where I went to my favorite Japanese bookstore

Where I bought three books!
 We needed a little break and had noodle bowls and hot tea for lunch!

It was a delightful and F.U.N. trip! 
I came home rejuvenated thanks to my excellent tour guides 
and dear family- Cousin Mary and Ricky...
I am thankful!


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