Monday, February 20, 2017

Questions Part 2

This is a continuation of my Questions posting. 
My Questioning of myself and my it here.

As I stated there was some stumbling that lead me to questions myself and how to make a living with my have that "conversation with myself on what matters...what feels right.

I am finding that I ask a question and must keep a quiet mind to hear those answers. Taking the time to be become aware of the possibilities.

Many of you have do I become still...quiet? In today's world the noise has grown in such a manner that many do not realize that we are even living in noise. It has become a humming comfort to us...but myself, as an artist, I find that I cannot think clearly in clutter or humming.

For me, I take every morning as a ritual for myself. I walk, not as exercise but more as a meditation. I get out of my head and into the space around me...yes, it usually takes a good lap around the park before I can achieve this. And when I do I notice the sky, the birds, I notice that I am breathing...I notice the beauty. in all the feathers that keep coming onto my path! 
We now have a bowl of feathers...that's a whole other discussion...
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This quiet and talking with dear ones, has helped me to define who I am as an artist and my path. It may again be tweaked and change a bit...but I am now finding the answers very clear that it now seems so obvious!

So thank you my dear friends and cherished man in my're are making this journey glorious.

I am forever grateful.

So, how does this translate into my work??
I am finding that I have many collections that are just waiting to be created and some, like my dolls, that will continue on...

Let's start with one of my collections -  the beginning of my LL Couture line:

I started with bags and infinity scarves...I was thinking of the most versatile things...

I designed the tote from black wool and digitally printed fabric for the lining...this is the bag that I carry most often. I am fairly rough on it and it has held up well over the years. I pre-wash the fabric so you can machine wash it and yes, dry it also!

These are from the Botanic Series:
There are three bags left.
If interested please email me here.

I love these bags but I needed more... more of what my art is about...where my soul is...
After talking with my friend, Pam, it dawned on me like the sun breaking through the clouds! She said you are known for your dolls and your hats and your detailed techniques...there it was in the quiet stillness...the fabrics and my stitching...

So, here is my proto-type of my LL Couture Tote...
These bags are bit larger and can carry 8 1/2" x 11" papers in a folder, ipads,  phones, and other needs comfortably.

As you can see this is the same stitching technique I use on my Story hat base. 
Interior with a vintage kimono fabric pocket.

Initially I was going to applique my Lotus, Lily, Goldfish, etc on the outside...but after talking through concepts with my business consultant...another obviously came into light.

Keep the tote simple for the everyday and place the Lotus shape etc. into top stitching. THEN! the evening bag (fits into the tote) can be more expressive with my appliques. Everything starting to fall into place.

So bottom line and how does this relate to you?
  • Keep it simple, don't over think it. Quiet your mind.
  • Talk it over with trusted souls. Quiet your mind.
  • Let it happen, you have the answers. Quiet your mind.
  • Give it your best and always be kind.

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