Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Raven Part Two

Recapping from last week's Part One of the here to read

My Notes on the Raven
This piece was created as my tribute to the Raven as my favorite Animal Totem. We are not just black or white we have various shades within each of is a balance.

As we go through life we have many trials and successes…each of the feathers I used in this piece is a badge of a well earned honor in the growth of life.

Mind & Soul Process
Part of my process is working things out in my head before I create a piece...and for me an incredible path to this is my morning walks...there I am able to walk and work things out in my turn things around in a three dimensional form to visualize the piece before it comes to a physical form...I realize that my walks are a very important mindfulness in my creations. 

It calms my over active mind and connects with my sou so I can hear what its voice wants to say...

Side note: On all my art, somewhere I hand sew an "X"...this is in memory of my Dad...

More Notes on the Raven
Initially, I knew that I wanted this piece to have a Japanese inspiration. I envisioned using the sheer fabric as a long kimono with a cape of wings.

As I dyed the body and made the pants, I realized how much I love that white turning to black in her body and wanted it to be shown.

I decided to change the kimono front to a pleated peplum so the pants would show. Her sleeves became her wings  and the back of the kimono her tail.

Physical Process
In this Raven piece, I decided that I wanted to use my vintage kimono linings as the linings for the kimono and the pants.
I draw out my pattern in a template form and then dye by hand the areas that I want to hold color.

Below, each area has two layers of fabric. The bottom layer is the loosely woven silk and the top layer is the vintage silk kimono with the template drawn.

The pants were sewn and then dyed to enhance the body dyed area...

The drying process takes overnight to thoroughly dry and then I heat set the dyes.

Since every part of the costume has been drawn and dyed specifically for the piece, I can start to sew the kimono...

I sew each layered section of the costume by machine.
Then turn, hand stitch the opening closed, press, and top-stitch by machine each section following the pattern piece design. 
Kimono wing...
 Interior of Kimono tail area...
 Kimono tail outer area...
Final Raven costume pieces hand sewn together...
Both lining and out shell where hand dyed then 
I did a bit of touch up with the dye to make 
a constructiveness in its entirety.
Next week:

The final touches!!

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