Monday, October 23, 2017

The Raven Final Touches

I find as I travel through the process of creating, I like to be thoughtful of each step.

In adding the final details to The Raven, my design change of the kimono and cape to the pants and altered shorter kimono, it gave the sleeves gave great inspiration to becoming her wings.

Most importantly was the overall balance. As the hand dying, the top-stitching, and costume design still needed their clear voice, I was careful not to overpower her with too many feathers...they needed to be present but with a lightness as the vintage kimono silk I used.

As light as a feather!

Below here is the first wing complete...
and a close up- I added linen thread "x" over each wing to connect to her heart center...

As the front was shortened to reveal her hand-dyed pants, I left the back long and even extended it to mimic a raven's tail- adding feathers along the tip.
Final "feathering" was added to her collar line and her top knot!

As most if you know, my work is not only about the thoughtfulness of how it is designed but also very important to me is the symbolism that it carries...

Raven: Balance
Raven symbolism represents the shadow self, or the dark side of the psyche. By acknowledging this dark side, we can effectively communicate with both halves of ourselves. This offers liberating balance, and facilitates tremendous wisdom.
Here are her final shots- photography by Robert Batey.
The Raven is made as a piece to hang but for photo shoot she was seated.
At this writing she is available.
30" tall from top knot to tail. 
All silk with sculpted stone clay head.
All fabrics and hair are hand-dyed.
Jointed head, shoulders and elbows.

Missed a posting??

covers creating her body and my mind,body, and soul connection
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