Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cicada - The Soul: Part Four

It is my hope that in this posting I will be able to convey the message of bringing soul to your work.

It is a deeply personal endeavor for each of express our soul...even outside of our art...

The Soul Expressed
This is the next step in creating truly inspiring original work. It is an inward process. Delving deep into your own self.

It is in the quiet that I can hear its soft whisper...guiding my hands, outside of my own thoughts, letting it take over my creating. It is deeply connected with my comes through my heart.

I believe to express my soul within my work I do need to give up all control. When a piece I am working on starts to fight back, I know that I am the one in control- thunder- and when everything falls into place like a gentle rain, that is when my soul is creating.

Most times I have finished a piece and look at it and say "How did that happen?"

How do we get there?
Knowing and being able to bring your soul's voice, as I stated, is a deeply personal journey... 

I have found that extreme challenges do open a door to your soul...and yes, many times painful, physically and/or mentally. You may have been wounded, perhaps deeply, you may still be on the road to transformation, you may have found your way to your best life. It does not matter where you are in your journey, each step is important...each step has something important to say...and many times you are in all of them. In this way, you know you ARE growing!

This a road not easily is a hard journey for many of us. For in this path, you can come to a point where you can finally find the gratitude in this will find the peace and your soul will be able to share knowing who you are with all your hard earned your beautiful flaws.

I recently watched this Ted Talk with Alyssa Monks : Painter. 
It was extremely profound for me and where I am in my art process.

My hope is that is can speak to you...

click here to link

The Cicada in Soul
In creating my pieces, I do much research for symbolism and on the subject. For me, it is as important a quality to bring to what I am creating as the creation gives it depth...layers.

  • Who is this being??? 

  • What does this being symbolize?

  • What is my own personal interpretation of this being??

Someone who still has something left to say...through their own walk of their shadows, to be reborn and speak their truth. They are grounded in their continued discovery of purpose and of wisdom of ancient knowledge.

I find art quite is my task now to to be able to now, convey this to you without words..without explanation. So that you may walk up to it and feel this through the emotion of the piece...

The Cicada in Body
I have thought about her...for at least a year...she has rolled around and been transformed many times within my thoughts and my feelings...but always sticking was the defined knowledge that she is an insect...not a woman wearing cicada wings...but an insect by nature having human characteristics.

Her body needed to be long and insect-like thin...there will be a fine line between human and insect...
She will be seated.
At this point she is in a hand-dyed linen-weave silk in a creamy color...the color will change...
She is jointed for two reasons, one for posing and the other for the ability to get her "clothing" on!
Close up of head. Her skull cap is in black linen.
Hand painted eyes.
I feel in this photo you can see the beautiful texture of the silk.
Hand detail of needle-sculpted palms.
Sole detail of needle-sculpted feet.

My wish is that I was able to express to you the understanding of a soulful approach to your we journey on our path of life, it is a wonderful thing when we are able to create a transparency to our soul...
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