Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cicada - Connection: Part Five

Hello dearest Readers,
I took some time away from posting and now I'm back rejuvenated and invigorated! 

Since I started the Cicada, I have done some self exploration and discovery...which has lead to being able to express the Cicada and her (coming) sisters to my fullest soul connected self..."connected"at this moment- since we are always growing!

I feel that with the lessons I have learned to finding my own self in the last few years and experiences, I feel, could benefit you in finding your own voice...your own path.

  • In what ways was I going to be able to express them to you???

I took this summer to step back and immerse myself in educating in different areas that enhance my own life. I came out with certifications in Adult and Children's Yoga and as a facilitator in SoulCollage®- a process of understanding aspects of wholeness through your own inner wisdom using collage that anyone can do!

  •  So, where are the connectives in this???

These courses helped me to reach a deeper connection to who I am. This in turn, helped me liberate my voice in my own personal art which is leading me to gain clarity and define what I would like to share with you as an observer, a student, or peer. I will have new workshops in dollmaking and teachings in my newly created "Your Inspired Life"...stay tuned!

In all this, my hope is to find a connection for you to speak your authentic truth...hummm...
and now I feel like the Cicada and I have found our connection!


As last we left her she was the color of purity...cream. 
The point of being born.

For her to be true to my vision she needed to be of the earth...
This "painting" process was a real leap of faith! I had not done this on a doll or any three dimensional piece. It was a totally organic experience, since the drops landed where they may.
I used alcohol inks that I sprayed randomly. Her eyes are painted using acrylic paints.
The point of emerging.

This and her sister pieces are being created for a show in California next Spring. "Soul's Fight". So I have expanded on the concept and the volume of the pieces:
"Each piece represents where they are in their journey of transformation. I have envisioned how that would affect their posture and the details of their natural environment.
The dressings have been created to be not only the body of the insect but, to complete the statement, their natural habitat is captured as well."
 Leslie O'Leary 2018

Since I want her dressing to be of insect characteristics, my next step was to study the body of a Cicada.
Note: I am not sure if you can see my marker outline following the body shape which is the back of her bodice and the head which will be her hat/headdress and continuing below to the front of the bodice detail.

Here below are the underside and back as I have created to date!
underside or front
metallic woven synthetic fabric
lined with Chinese silk brocade
top-stitching in silk variegated thread
her heart area is open and will be "mended"
applique of shibori-dyed Japanese silk
Full far 

And my dearest ones, my journey is my desire, my quest to bring awareness and connection to this beautiful place we all call home.

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