Thursday, August 22, 2019

Cicada : Transformation - The Costume!

She is of the earth...most of her life she lives within the roots of a tree gathering her nourishment there. 
Then one day it is time for her to emerge up the roots...up the the tree branches to finally spread her wings!
Cicada: Emergence.

Her bodice is her body.

This was designed after careful study of a cicada. 
The segmented body translated into a segmented bodice.
The outer fabric is a soft brown leather-like fabric, while the lining is a chartreuse Chinese silk brocade.
Then each section top-stitched with a variegated thread.
I did add a bit of white tinted paint to some of the segments creating that dusty edge...which I noted on some cicada bodies!

Close up of back spotting the lining and the white tint edging...

If you look closely you can see my marker line on the right side defining the shape of the cicada under belly...nature provides all- we just need to observe and really see it!

Pieced onto her back is vintage shibori fabric to mimic the markings of a cicada's spots.
Again, my marker lines for the back with the head becoming the hat...

The Tree is her Skirt.

To create the bark of a tree, I purchased a very beautiful brown dupioni silk.
THEN!!! to show the elements of nature, I took that perfectly beautiful (expensive) fabric and distressed the heck out of it! it was perfect!

Next I cut strips to represent the roots and trunk of the tree and sewed them into to tubes.
All appliqued onto a sheet of tulle. 

Close up of tightly fitted tubes for top of skirt.

This was seamed on the side to create a skirt.
I added the remaining distressed silk that was cut and torn into fine stripes to resemble the fine off shoots of roots...horsehair stripping added in to help hold the shape.
Close up of trunk...

 Close up of beautiful distressing!.

Her head becomes her Hat!

Looking back at the cicada and her natural design of her head...

 Creating her hat using the same fabric as the outer bodice and lining...
 Side View
The back of the hat.
All cicadas have five eyes..the big eyes on the sides + three small in between.

 Her body costume complete!

Close up of hand painted face.
Overall several alcohol inks...detail coloring added. Hand painted eyes with acrylic and embroidered eyebrows. Head sculpted in DAS air-dry clay overlaid with linen weave silk.

Nest week- she takes FLIGHT!

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