Saturday, April 1, 2023

The Four Seasons : In Memory

 Now today, I look back at the 9 years since my Dad has passed and how art can be such an incredible voice when we have no words...

I share these Four Sessions from where my heart was in 2014...

·       I found that we don’t create reality, it just is but it is our response to that reality that we create our world that we live in.

·       I also discovered that how I responded to each part of my journey was directly related to distinct parts of my being and that I was able to see a connection to my art as the Four Seasons.

Winter ~ Snow Flower

 When one was about to give up hope that the cold winter would never end, an angel spirit appeared, transformed some of the snowflakes into snowdrop flowers, proving that winter eventually gives way to spring. This simple little flower is a symbol of transformation, hope, purity and consolation. life everything is cyclical...everything has a season...everything changes.

·       My dear Dad said "Nothing is permanent except for change".

·       In our own lives, we may be in the midst of a coldness and even perhaps deep darkness, but as time wears on a light will appear within the darkness.

·       A light that will bring forth hope and calmness in knowing that nothing is permanent.

·       I found the more I reached for that beauty, the more I found the balance that was so needed at that time.

·       Hope does not come naturally us humans, we must practice at it.

Spring ~  Delicate Blossom 
New blossoms symbolize feminine beauty, grace, gentility, and happiness. Pink blossoms convey youth, innocence, and joy. It is the end of difficult period and the beginning of a new Life cycle. 

Spring...a fresh start...a new blossom.
·       I find that in our hearts, Spring can happen anytime, in any season, after any life changing or challenging event.  

·       We have all heard the words of Spring sweep out or get rid of the unwanted.

·       I fell that it important to integrate these things that have touched or tortured my heart.

·       They became a part of me and now I could start spring forth with new knowledge of what makes us- us.

·       Spring forth with those new blossoms of wisdom and grace to learn more about me and who I am without restrictions.

 Summer ~ Plum Rain
Summer, in most climates, is the warmest of most seasons. The sun is a warming presence, so it heats up our passions, our desires, and warms our hearts to the potential that we may bring to our life.

In Chinathe rainy season kicks in across southern and eastern regions. The rains are nicknamed the plum rains for the season when the blossoms ripen into fruit.

·       This was the time when I was able to feel safe enough to start to feel things emotionally, to shed tears of things that I never was able to have in my childhood or as an adult.

·       I was becoming a woman, I was growing and I was stronger within myself.

Autumn ~ Beautiful Haven 
Chinese lantern flowers symbolism - they have an endearing and joyful emblem of warmth. Given that these flowers enfold and defend the small, delicate fruit buried within their husks, they may be the perfect symbol for protection. Their fiery orange red hue denotes a passion for life, amiability, endurance and vitality.

During this part of my journey, I felt fragile, exposed, and felt that I needed some emotional protection. I researched many different things that bloom in China in the fall and this is what I found... the Chinese Lantern... protection and also lantern as light to lead the way.

·       Through my challenging life’s journey, I found that I was finally able to let things go.

·       By letting go I was now able create a new beauty even in the most challenging times. I was able create my own life…my own haven.

·       It has been an incredible time of learning so much about myself and who I am.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Moon Wish : the final frontier

As the Moon has many colors so does the way we approach our own personal art. I find our art comes from such varied motives. I find within my own art that I am eternally thankful that I can do this not only in ability to create as well as the ability to keep us financially afloat. It may at times be a rocky boat but there is no other place I can be.

 my why

Find Your WHY and

You’ll Find Your WAY

John C. Maxwell

As a child, I felt I was never heard…and then I found sewing at the age of five. I clung to the needle and thread…there I found my voice- bringing it into this physical world. It has never left me.

My driving force is my deep devotion to be able to “speak” my soul. My medium of speak happens to be a three-dimensional visual form but, then to try at best as I can to bring you into the written word- the story within the piece.

moon wish

The Moon and its power to move the tides, to be believed to control our fate, to hold magic.

There is a belief that the new moon offers a time of powerful intention-setting and that the growing moon to the full moon will enhance the power of that intention…perhaps we can interpret that into a wish with the whole hearted belief that it will come true.

If we were to bring the Moon's magic to us, what would you wish for?

Courage? Peace? Love? Imagination?

May these words be woven into your own wishes.
Silk printed with words and woven 
into Gossamer Mulberry Paper

It is important to me that I can bring the feel of the ancient knowing perhaps wisdom into my pieces.
Can it be in the expression, the posture, the fabric choices?? My hope is that is - all.

Great care and thought is placed into each and every step.
I so love this being of such great intention.
Clay sculpted head, overlay in vintage 
kimono liner that is hand dyed. 
Kimono all in vintage kimono.

Around her skirt orbits the Moon in colors and with representation of the Full and New Moons that brings wonderful possibilities of granted wishes.
Each Moon hand-dyed Japanese sheer 
unryu paper with white mulberry pulp

Moon wish printed onto vintage sheer silk.
Detail of obi with three layers beneath. 
All vintage kimono.
Fan in Gossamer Mulberry Paper

Headdress center metal with 
natural patinagold threads, 
Ears bound with silk ribbon and thread.

Back view


Thank you Moon for watching over us 
and for lending your power & light.
Thank you for hearing my dreams, my wishes.
Thank you for hearing them,
absorbing them into your light & shining
them back down to Earth to us.
Thank you for giving our dreams 
and wishes power.
And thank you for working with us
to bring them to life.

Wall piece 30-inches.

Contact for more information: email

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