Sunday, May 16, 2021

Goldfish: Reimaged Part Four ~ Color and Textiles

Dearest Readers,
This week, I thought that I would do something a little different and that is to actually "talk" to you!
Hope you enjoy this.

I will be sharing with you my creative process thoughts on the color and the textiles that I will using for this piece!


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Goldfish: Reimaged Part Three ~ The Kimono

I started this writing initially with the concept of the comfort zone.
Yeah, we have ALL heard it- to get anywhere, you must step out of your comfort zone.


It wasn't sitting quite right with me...there was an inkling inside of me telling me to hold on...there is something more...ah ha! It came in a soft but discerning voice...muse.

We are told to find our muse and then all inspiration and creativity will come flooding in. Open the gates!
Look to the outside...go find it...or let it come to you...from the outside.

For this artist, that could not be further from the truth. I have found through the march down (or up) the challenging path of life that with each step, I went deeper inside to find my own truth, my own voice.

So yes, I did have outside "stimulus" in a very heart wrenching way...but to say it was inspiration or creative influence...not so much. I found that it was more of life breaking (awakening) into my spirit only to find myself within and to much much happier and it dawned on me...
YOU are your own MUSE! 

In other words, you are your own strength and it is in that that you are able to find your true creative "muse". It is ALL within always has been.


Side Note!! I know! This is a  round about way to get to the good stuff!! But I feel it is good to know the back story!

As an artist, I find once you are "accomplished" or better yet have developed your own intrinsic style, it is easy to fall prey to becoming stagnate. All the while we are tweaking things here and there...but to step out of our own way...our own comfort zone can be as hard for a known artist as it is for someone just starting to find their own style!

We after all are just human. We relish comfort...we strive for it!

And this has become my mantra...every year I choose at least one thing (yes, deliberately) that pushes me to step right out of my comfort zone bringing my own self-muse with me.. OK- so last year 2020 was easy...I didn't have to search very far! Online is all I need to say!

But in that, I found my own inner connection...a clarity stepped up.

As I stated, in Post One, I knew I wanted to do my Goldfish and I wanted to "re-Imagine" be the voice I now song.

So as my darling (and very intuitive) husband said start here...

And so I did....
pulling out my stash of Chinese black silk brocades...
Starting with a strong base note. The foundation of most of my pieces. Chinese Black Silk.

And now how to re-Imagine it??
HA! Why of course...distress it as I did on Cicada and her glorious brown silk.

So, with "blind faith" I did just that.
OK! So I AM in the right did I know that it would turn into the orange family? I didn't!
Listening and follow- not controlling...

I had my pattern drafted out and block cut out each shape...and it worked!

I love how the distressing followed the pattern, just as I had followed my inner voice.

And so it turned into what I think a magical piece of fabric!

So fabric- re-Imagined! 
Side note: I also distressed the vintage lace for the bodice.

And now to sewing...
I find the artistic heart to be one of just knowing...what shape to create...what it was (always) meant to be. Just own own soul's guidance.

As I step into this new territory, I think back on all the years of my Story Hat pieces and how they brought me to where I am today...I believe my work still has the same feeling...
just now reimagined!

Next week adding in Color!

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