My Story

I believe that working...creating...with your hands 
is a direct link to your soul.
It is in this sewing-  
mending or stitching together -
 that reaches into yourself 
to pull out the beauty of your creation.

I'm Leslie O'Leary

 After emerging from a profound transition in my life and landing within safety, my personal artwork has grown to connect with this change. I find as I continue to learn about myself and life my artwork expresses this wholeheartedly.

My study of Asian symbolism has carried me through this journey for over 20 years. I find that as I grow the meaning of this symbolism weaves more profoundly into my art.

Finally feeling safe has encouraged my art not only take flight, but find that it is now soaring with creative energies finding me to bring them to this reality.

You will find in my original pieces that no two are alike, each with its own telling of a symbolic story but also in the fabric selections of mostly vintage kimono or hand-dyed to reflect uniqueness.

My beloved students are my joy. I cherish each one and continue to create workshops that are individual from my original pieces. Each to help my students grow in their own art by bringing challenging but doable techniques and thought processes.

I come here to celebrate with you in joy to share my own journey with you!

I share my life with my darling husband, Sean, and our crazy little dog, Sparti, in Phoenix, AZ.

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