Art is where inspiration meets discipline, where passion meets courage, where your creativity meets the finish line.

Hurray! I am getting the hang of this and every week learn to incorporate a better experience for my students!

Meow Meow Neko.
 This has become such an incredible encounter for all of us!
I am finding the things I can do online are only limited by my imagination and secondly by my ever growing technical knowledge.
Meow Meow was originally designed to be an E-Pattern only..then Adele at A for Artistic and  I talked and because of our current situation decided to add in a Private Facebook Group...where I do a weekly video demos and now this has now grown into Zoom Conversations!
Just today I did a Slide Show on Zoom with my students of a Fashion Show of "Kimono Hime"...bringing more inspiration to them!

There is still time to sign up for one of my most beloved pattern and share in our experience together!

My Village Starts May 1!
I am so excited about this workshop. We already have a such a nice group that is growing! We would love for you to join us!! Our heads are already creating the Magic!
This is a chance to use your stash of fabrics, felt, ribbons, and other treasures. You can also jump off and let your imagination soar!
I create loads of fun videos, LIVE, and other things up my sleeve!
...AND I will be joining in creating another My Village with you.

My Village Online Workshop is open for registration!
Ready to create a delightful and easy project?
Not only will you recieve 10 house to create but as a bonus, I will include a Private Facebook Group Page where we can share ideas and the videos, chats, and photos will happen!
SIGN UP HERE for My Village:


FRIDA!: " ...when I have wings to fly"
I'm busy researching Frida and to create this incredible workshop for you. Not only will we be creating a glorious piece of art together but you will also receive from my studies unique information about Frida. I have taken years of studying her style of dress and what drove her to choose the styles she did...down to what colors she loved. There will be many interesting discoveries for you! This will be a one of kind unique experience for you beyond dollmaking.

For art: You will earn needlesculpting, painting and insetting eyes, interesting costuming techniques to create her garments and a beautiful headdress.

For personal learning:  In this workshop you will walk away with a wonderful understanding of color, personal information on Frida and of course an art piece that you will cherish!

I will have an interest page coming to you soon through A is for Artistic!!
In the meantime- Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

I know YOU have been patient and waiting for this one!
Finally! LING LI as an online workshop! 
I know so many of you have wanted to take this beloved workshop! She is still one of my most favorites!
Sign Up here for the Date she will be out!

Adele Sciortino and I have been working on this fabulous treat for you!  It will be a full year in the making....
Stay tuned in for much more information to come soon!

My Best to You!

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