Friday, April 3, 2009

Camp Experience

Tammy the MC

Life is about sharing...I thought you would all like read about my "Camp Experience"!

This is an organization put on by a local (Denver) woman named Betsy- with help from many others! It is a gathering of woman and I think I can term it even better by saying "souls". It brings together woman in a sharing, loving, and enthusiastic environment.

This was my first experience as a one-day mini camp. I was struck by being greeted with such wonderful smiling faces, no judging, no clicks...everyone there to have a good time- wonderful!
Cathy, Cindy, & me

We had a day (9am- 9pm) of inspiring lectures, networking with other women, delicious food, cocktail hour, and an evening of spa treatments and creative crafts...and most importantly to laugh and to share!
The whole group of 70+ women

It takes someone special to envision and then to create something so special!

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