Friday, May 15, 2009

My Honey's 50th!

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My husband,turned 50 in April and I had to do something! Since our house is small and we have the BIG family and great friends- I decided to do two parties.

The family party was on his actual birthday. We did pizza and salad with cake... it was relaxed and intimate.

So now for the neighbors...those crazy folks...
I decided to do an Asian theme (ha! you could of guessed that!). In the invitation I asked people, in lieu of a gift, to make and bring paper or fabric fortune cookies with their wishes tucked inside.
The bowl of hand-made fortune cookies

I decorated the house with paper lanterns and lily flowers.
Table center pieces with lilies in take-out container "vases"

I chose an Asian menu and had a buffet-style eating out of take-out Chinese containers:
Appetizers: Potstickers, Egg rolls, Edamame, and Popcorn.
Entrees: Thai-style salad, Soy braised chicken wings, Curried Shrimp, and Green Beans with oranges.
Dessert: My friend Kathy from Cupcakes Rule did the cupcakes!

I found most of the recipes from this book- fairly easy to do...
Favorite Brandname Chinese Cookbook
We are so fortunate to have great friend-neighbors, Frank & Gysela, they are trained chefs and stepped in and helped me with all the cooking of the food during the party! So my job ended up being socializing and keeping an eye on Frances- their two year old daughter- not bad duty for me.

Frances and me- who is more excited about the cupcakes!?
Scuba friends Mike & Bob (peeping in) with Mark's sister Mary and me...

Brother Bob and me. Gysela with Carey & Brandy.
Ray (cupcake Kathy's husband) Fred with Mary Lou with Paul & Niki seated

Sandi & Ben. Frank and Jeff

Steve & Barb with Sue & Don
Mike & Leigh with David & Kevin
It was such a fun time and Mark had a wonderful birthday surrounded by people he loves!
Birthday Boy Mark and Princess Frances!
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