Friday, January 22, 2010

Favorite Fabric

Many have asked what is my favorite type of fabric in with which to work??

Being a cloth doll artist, I have used many, many fabrics from synthetics to home felted. The world is full of fabrics and full of colors, fabric weights, and printed patterns! There are endless possibilities to define what you are trying to convey- fabric is such a wonderful medium to work in...
I beleive that nothing beats a fine nicely woven cotton. There are so many beautiful cottons from around the world...I would say my favorite are the Japanese- they feel is so smooth - woven not too tight and not too loose. And talk about beautiful patterns- simple yet say so much-
from cute to sophisticated!

I love using these wonderful fabrics in many of my dolls.
Here are some of my cotton fabrics that I have from Japan~

Blue-Tones from dusty to inky:

Red-Tones from vintage soft red to cinnamon:

Earth-Tones from sand to coal-black
I believe that in dollmaking every step is so precious from the stuffing and armature you use to the finish on your chosen costuming. When you take the time, effort, and love to create it is wonderful to use the best materials that you can, and have follow through from stuffing to trims.

I love using the cottons that are equally as beautiful for my linings such as fairie frost... I believe these fabrics are so fine in texture and the metallic finish gives the look of silk with the stability of a beautiful cotton!

Little Blossoms Doll in Japanese printed
green-tones with pink fairie frost cap!
Lining is a darker pink
flower metallic fabric~ pictured second from right above.
Vintage bauble lollipops top off cap and
vintage flower shaped sequins on shoe tips.

Next week- my special Japanese Rabbit fabric!

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