Friday, January 29, 2010

Japanese Rabbit Fabric

Somehow I ended up "collecting" Japanese Rabbit fabric...
you know how that goes
! You buy one piece and months or even years later you buy another...

My first piece-vintage
...then it start "collecting"!

My rabbit fabrics are from Japan- some I bought here in the US and some I bought over the internet directly from Japan, but I now do have a collection-ah- started!

A piece of indigo with different rabbits in the blocks

This piece was purchased to make an apron...
but then I just couldn't cut into it!

This fabric matched Japanese paper that I had..
so of course it had to be added to the stash!
By the time this one came up-
it was obvious what was happening!

So then there is my love of cats...
oh no- do you think-another collection??

Happiness often sneaks in through a door
you didn't know you left open.
~John Barrymore

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