Friday, January 20, 2012

The Soul of an Art Business

Last week, I talked about the new book of the year (see link to right of this posting) and how my business life is a whirling-twirling merry go round!

I know that I am fortunate to be artist and to have my own studio away from my home. With that comes responsibilities that you would not even think of when running your business, so it is always a learning experience. Which lead me to think about where my whirling business is today and how to create a more enjoyable and less stressful situation for me to work in.

I believe that is the one of the things I do most enjoy about being in business is problem solving- that is in the business itself and in the actual dollmaking. My students are so well versed with my phrase Dollmaking is just creative problem-solving! I find that having a problem and to creatively figure it out is fun- like a puzzle! Of course even better when you can take pieces from another puzzle and fit it in!!So with that in mind, I set out to figure out this puzzle...

I am well aware there are so many business courses out there, business books, CDs, DVD's etc etc. I have found most of them to be very product oriented.  How do you reach into your heart?

What about us artists?? I did some investigation and I came across an online class for businesses- more importantly for art business...

I decided- what the heck, I'll give it a shot, it seems to be exactly what I am looking I signed up!
how will the pieces fit together??

It has only been four days but truthfully, I could not of been more pleasantly surprised at approach of this course. It is a 9 week program and you have a new exercise to do daily (M-F)...if you really want it to work you need to be honest and  in a quiet location so you can dig deep...I am very excited to see where this will take my business!!

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