Friday, May 25, 2012

First Tooth!

What a fun and magical time of life...when you loose your first tooth! 

Fun...because it is one of your first big milestones of life...passing from wee child to the beginning stages of adulthood...and not that we want children to grow up too fast-we all know that there are many, many stages into adulthood!

Magical...well what more can I say- the Tooth Fairie!
So when I got the call from Frances..."Auntie Leslie, I think it's time, my tooth is so very wiggly!" We had been watching this wiggly tooth for many weeks!

Armed with a Q-tip, Abesol, a a couple of 2x2 gauzes (and 14 years of working in dentistry) I set off to put this little tooth into the reach of that Tooth Fairie!

After couple tries...POP! out it came and right into her little porcelain tooth fairie porcelain box!

What an honor to help Frances with her first tooth!..and more importantly, I came out on her Papa's 50 birthday!!

 So like a good dental person- salt water rinses where in order!
After looking in the mirror and jumping around with excitement...Frances settled down to ponder a more important question..."Mama- who is the Tooth Fairie's fairie??"

So with a bit of quick thinking and the help of that ever popular internet...Auntie Leslie?

The Tooth Fairie has always been and will always be. She has always been a fairie and has never lost any of her own teeth. Some believe that is why she loves collecting them!

Where does the Tooth Fairie come from?

"No one really knows how fairies originated unless it's the fairies themselves, and they're not telling. What we do know is that tales of the fairies can be found on every continent around the globe.Theosophist, Edward Garner, argued that fairies are allied to the butterfly genus, and are made of a substance lighter than gas which renders them invisible to human beings (except clairvoyants). "

"What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?

They're just collected, neatly labeled and filed away in a museum-like castle."
Some things are magical even without the tooth fairie...
or maybe she was there!?!?

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