Friday, June 29, 2012

Touch up for Softies

I was contacted by a gal who has two daughters with well-loved softies from their childhood...and like any well-loved companion, time and all that love does start to show up!

I rarely do repairs on dolls, but when a child is involved- it pulls on my heart strings-how could I say no...

Understand that these are precious companions...which I can so relate to- I still have my Raggedy Andy from when I was our discussion began and we went back and forth on what exactly was to be done and timing- these buddies cannot be away from each other for too long of an extended period!

We set the date, I gathered supplies for this very delicate procedure, and the dolls were brought in. Now, I have to make one thing very clear, before you attempt to repair a well-loved soul, the repair must be clearly stated on both ends!! It is after all very important to have this done right!

My mission was to repair a Lambie and a Dolly.

Lambie: Replace face

Dolly: Stabilize face and replace hands

So now that I had them in front of me, I decided to hand dye the needed fabrics to match the well-loved my Procion dyes out and started mixing and testing the color match...
 ..and like any good artist, I was so involved in the process that...I stained my finger tips...
Next round...gloves...

So after carefully repairing these precious darlings...I was happy in the way they turned out...

But the bigger questions is- would they be happy???
Your answer!
Too cute- huh!?!

Dollmaking is so much more than sewing something is all about the love that goes into it!


  1. How absolutely SWEET! You know I have a beloved pink poodle stuff toy. I think FiFi needs to be taken back out of the storage box & had some TLC done to him too.

  2. What a lovely job! I made new bodies for my one daughter's beloved baby doll more times than I can remember. The trick was keeping them the same (she loved her the way she was -preferably with the stuffing inside the doll body). How could I say no to "Mommie fix her! Please!"

  3. Adorable. Awesome job. The smile on her face, priceless!


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