Friday, February 8, 2013

Hearing your own Heart's Voice

I find that in today's world we are bombarded with visual can be a blessing or a becoming over stimulated. People tell you this and that..and this...

It is hard to find our voice in all that is coming at us...all that is around us...

lonely girl by rodrigo larrabure


To make an effort to  pay attention

I have found that it is easy to listen to listen from outside yourself, but is it right for us? We must find that quiet time to be able to hear what our heart is trying to tell us, to go inwards. 


to gain knowledge of

to listen to with attention 

We need we can hear without distraction.

Find the quiet and  you will be able to HEAR your own voice from your HEART.

devochka pole lavandy

HEARING my voice within my heart...This relates to me and my dollmaking in so many ways. One when I first started and was teaching which worked its way into a pattern line. At that time, there where those who would not carry my patterns or have me come to teach because my patterns/dolls where too sweet. May designs varied because I didn't make one style of doll so they didn't want to publish my work...

I heard what my heart said and it said be true to yourself. I just knew that I had to have faith in myself and my own voice, my own heart's voice. If you know me and my teaching and my patterns, I truly believe that I have followed the right path because I choose to hear.

Now 20 years later, with much experience behind me, I look back at how many times I was pushed to listen to what others where saying..."A Cat Doll- can't you make it with a girl's head?"..."Chinese Dolls- who would want Chinese Dolls!?"...but it was my vision, my gift, my heart that was creating them...and the heart take a moment and hear what your heart is saying.

All this leads back to my Creative Lessons...Lesson #6: Stay True and Be Teflon!
Even being aware of this, I find I still need to stop, find that quiet time and hear what my heart is saying. And it is saying...more please...I have two new creations ideas I am working on and so very excited about heart cannot wait to share them with you!
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