Friday, May 1, 2015

Balance of Life

We all strive for that wanted balance in our lives- don't we?? We think we have control over what comes and goes with in our lives. I have found that life is - the unbalance. It is how we deal with situations that helps us grow and find, within ourselves, our own balance ...

My point is, 
life is about balance. 
The good and the bad. 
The highs and the lows. 
The pina and the colada.”
Ellen DeGeneres

  ...and to try to keep your sense of humor through it all!

Balance of Life

In creating this piece, years ago, it was important for me to express balance. In that concept, I decided her to be fairly symmetrical...which I found that I don't create often. I guess I like things to be balanced in a more asymmetrical fashion...hummm, let's not delve into that too much!

I wanted her to hold two gourds...two open vessels for things to freely to come and go- not closed...even the way I parted her hair (horsehair) into two framing semi circles expresses openness. Feet centered and poised for readiness to gain balance. Hopefully, the entire piece express an overall calmness- at peace.

The fabric colors are close to opposite in the color wheel. This where my intuitiveness for being just in between the colors (as in asymmetrical) plays in- - read more here. I can't help it- this where I see my balance.

With this doll, I used fabrics of smooth silk and ones of more texture...balance - smooth and rough. Her hat fabric is from a mat vintage obi that has been over dyed in this deep orange. I placed the shibori print somewhat centered but with enough flow in the pattern to create movement...can't have everything squared-up or it takes on the role of being over thought or too manufactured.

I love using dupoinoi silk...this reads as a balance between the luster and the slubby texture. 

Here I used the gourds in all their earthiness and finished with a high gloss and gold painted interior. Linen threading finishes of the top opening.

The skirting fabric is silk that had been bound into small balls creating texture.
The shoes are of linen, here again opposed to the silks...lined interior and soles with the dupoini.

Finding balance...I find my art is what gives me is my grounding force. I am ever thankful that I can do this and share it with you.

“Keep your best wishes, 
close to your heart 
and watch what happens” 
Tony DeLiso

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