Thursday, February 13, 2020

Progression...Emergence...PART FOUR

Thanks to all of you who have hung in there waiting for my posts as we made our big move from Colorado to Arizona.

I have been here a month and have found it quite comfortable...everything falling into place!

As I continued on my journey of discovery of self...I felt that I could start to emerge from my cocoon in to my now safe world...believing that I had matured and gained some wisdom of who I was and was stable in that.

So who was to be next in my creations? The morning of my walk, I discovered a cicada, in the middle of my path, that had emerged and passed on. I picked up it gently and gave it a nicer place to find peace under a beautiful bush.


read more Cicada HERE:

She started out as a blank canvas...

One of the difference with this piece, is that I let her evolve at her own rate. I let her guide me and let "her" guide my hands and my decisions. I did not plan or control where she went. AND! within that she changed positions a few times.

In the final pose/position, she had opened her arms and stretched out her body to reach upward to all possibilities...dropping away anything that had weighted her down.

She found her flight...

She Emerged...with a mended heart that she was now able to expose...

And as she Emerged...I found too, that I had also dropped away things that were no longer necessary.
I felt I was on the verge of something different within my self...these last few years of creating dolls guiding and expressing my journey unconsciously...and yet very vocal in what they wanted to say!
I no longer felt the need to just survive but that I was starting to be able to relax and listen to my own inner voice without being afraid of an outside source of control.

Just as Cicada was finished, the next step in the Hero's Journey spoke up...The Bee.

NOTE: I was thrilled when Cicada found the perfect place in a home with someone who also started a new journey and found her own voice!



"He says to me everyday with out words..."

Next Week
The Gift

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