Friday, June 11, 2010

What you didn't see...

Sometimes a new concept takes time to work discover...

Here is what you didn't see if this process of discovery!

Dress #1
I hand-dyed the top edge of the skirt area to depict the center of a rose- in a golden yellow tone.
Then added the sewn petals (backed in velvet) and dip-dyed them, also added in the laces...nice but not what was rolling around in my head.

Dress #2
I thought that the dress needed more color...and so- sewed all those pleats into the skirt with the petals attached. The silk did work nicely at the bottom billowing out into little "blossoms" with the tulle slip it added a nice softness...but where was I going to put my quote...hummm.

In the end I decided that contrast is what I needed, so I incorporated the black with a slight accent of the color..that was the look I was going for.

The words now are a strong feature and the black simply frames it. Sometimes just simplifying the design is all that needs to be done to communicate your vision.
And now..."Live" and from Russia-
it's The Doll Show from St Petersburg!

It is a marvelous world we live has brought us all closer. On my facebook from Larisa Medvedeva, I was sent a link of photos from a Russian the show.

Wow! Imagine my surprise to see this- my doll I had just sent off last week and now displayed with her fellow NIADA friends...what a nice world we live in!
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