Friday, August 16, 2013

Hats- Flowers

Flowers...It is these series of hats that I feel are created with a quiet contentment. How can you not look at a flower and not see it's soft and delicate beauty?

My goal is to create these hats with that essence of peacefulness and beauty. 

I find it facinating the symbloism with the many flowers within the Chinese culture. Each has a strong and distinctive meaning while visually speaking with such tenderness. Flowers pass on the flourishing and nourishing flow of positive powerful energy.

I feel that I am at the beginning of discovery on where these flowers will take me and you~ the reader! 
photography: Mark Mortensen
The Lotus flower starts as a small flower down at the bottom of a pond in the mud It grows towards the waters surface light.
On the surface the lotus flower turns into a beautiful flower. The Lotus flower stands for purity and beauty.

The Lily is a symbol of summer and abundance, and some believe it represents "forever in love." The lily is used as a lucky charm and maintain that it averts the effects of the evil eye upon them.

 Flowers Place in China's Culture

China is a culture of flowers. Its traditional art and customs are infused with symbols and habits that pertain to flowers. Even the name of Chinese people, hua ren, when spoken in a different tone could mean “flower people”.
Most ancient paintings depict flowers of some kind, most often the plum blossom and tree peony. Orchid, chrysanthemum, bamboo, water lily, Chinese rose, azalea, camellia, osmanthus, and narcissus all also have strong associations in Chinese culture and feature on various occasions.
Each flower carries its own particular symbolism based on the plant’s health, heartiness, delicacy and color, among other factors. When you talk in general about the Chinese symbols of flowers, the basic ideology is the representation of the natural nectar.
 It brings growth as well as nourishment to fulfillment and the most innovative prosperous starts for our lives. It is because of the very fact that the healthy plants that flower will manifest such good positive energy.

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