Friday, March 27, 2015

Peace Within 安内 PT 4

This weeks posting is the final in a series of four postings on 
Peace Within 安内...
and I wanted to save this crowing glory for the last!

Many of you know my hats...from the Story Hats, the love of stitches and storiesto these made especially for my jointed dolls.

...hats give you the possibility to dream.

Philip Treacy

When creating these hats, I think about not only their size, shape, how will it sit on the head...their movement but also their voice...what do I want this hat to you.


For Peace Within...I wanted the shape to cover over her head...a protection like a elegant roof.

In my stash, I have a glorious piece of silk brocade with wonderful Chinese medallions on them..this was perfect to the base of her hat.

So, now to create this piece.
I used stabilizer to stiffen to hold its shape and 
a deep orange dupioni to line it. 
I shaped it and hand sewed it to secure.
Note: circle medallion center on top of hat...
I added a support band, not only so it would sit properly on her head 
but also to bring in more of the aqua color...
side view
I had one more (of three) vintage metal flowers left and
this was the perfect hat for it.
The center is a jade bead that I added in.
Close up of small aubergine colored  flower sequins scattered around the brim secured with frosted aqua glass beads.
Gold vintage cording hand-sewn around the brim to finish.
Close up of Dragon on the back

View from top placed on her head.
Handmade tassels in aqua and metallic shades
made from sewing thread.
Bound with variegated brown silky thread.
I was thrilled that when I trimmed them the thread flipped outward..
just perfect to complete the illusion of this hat.

Front view

Hats are about emotion. It is all about how it makes you feel.

Philip Treacy

more views around the head...

Moving our eye back a bit to see how it compliments the shape of her face and her costuming.


Coming around to the back, 
I decided to braid her hair and leave a nice "tail".
These, I folded one over another to mimic the hat tassels.
The braids are bound in the middle with sized vintage pearls.

Close up view
I cut the hair tassels to be very blunt.

View from Above

Here is a slight forward and above image...below is showing you the triangle shapes of the front.

Story Dolls©: Leslie Molen
Photography©: Mark Mortensen
Hand made Stools by Gary Leitch

Final Note

I find dollmaking, actually art in itself, a miraculous process. 

It can heal, calm, bring happiness and peace...

and for me all these and most importantly ... 
bring beauty into this life.

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