Friday, March 6, 2015

Peace Within 安内 PT 1

Peace Within
Ān nèi

My client and I had discussed the doll she wanted and I asked about colors...fall/autumn- burnt oranges. I asked about deep plum. She loved it!

While I was out teaching in CA, I came across this piece of Aubergine colored silk brocade. It was just a scrap, but just the inspiration I was looking for! I love how that happens in my journey of my art!
So out came my personal stash of fabrics...many of these are vintage pieces.
I decided on the creamy brocade to contrast and bring balance to the dark aubergine.

I would like to share with you my concept of color for this doll and why I choose the colors for Peace. 

So I started with the aubergine, it is neither red nor purple nor brown...but a mix of all three. As you can see it is not in the traditional color wheel but somewhere squeezed in between! I love working with the in between colors.

Let's look at a color wheel that hold the in between colors...not a true red, blue, green, or yellow.

If I was to use the traditional contrasting color it would

Let's look a a color wheel with values as 100% being the heaviest in saturation of color and 10% being the lightest. 
For contrast, in Peace, I decided to use contrast in values as my balance instead of saturated color.

From there I decided to bring in a triad (three) of color...
Then came in with light accent of soft green (analogous -next door to-the aqua) and gold (analogous to the orange). 

So, if we look at this we can see:
#1 the two contrast colors as the foundation. white X's
#2 The oranges as out triad. black X's
#3 Lightly accented with analogous colors of soft green and gold. 
  grey X's

Let's take a look a her to see how this is put into a balance of the costuming with color holding its place as we read the doll from head to toe. You will see a repetition of secondary colors as the two #1 colors create the foundation. Gold is in only two place at the head and the pant border.

Next week~ The costuming as it came together!

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