Saturday, January 21, 2017

Word of the Year 2017

I was reading some Facebook postings and noticed a dear friend had chosen her WORD for the year!

I looked back on my blogs and noticed that I hadn't chosen a WORD for about three years...yup that seems about was a three year transition that I went through to get to where I am today.

Extreme hardships can bring on the opportunity for extreme personal growth. 
It can be a time where it becomes possible to shed un-needed people, places, and choice or maybe by the Divine. I choose to believe both.

I like to choose a word for soul growth and that sets an intention for that year. To me, this brings the New Year in on a positive note versus behavior modifications that (most) times cannot be met.

There was a litany of so many words that scrambled through my brain!

...and when you least expect the right word to come to you it does... was in the middle of a kick-boxing lesson when my instructor was asking me for suggestions for a name of a new routine of hits and kicks...I said the banana peel and got kind of an eye roll...then I said how about unfolding lotus...well needless to say THOSE were not the kind of titles he was looking for...but it told me exactly were my soul was...unfolding...

to open to the view
: reveal; especially : to make clear by gradual disclosure and often by recital
to remove (as a package) from the folds
: unwrap
to open from a folded state : open out : expand, blossom
: develop, evolve <as the story unfolds>
 to open out gradually to the view or understanding 
:become known <a panorama unfolds before their eyes>

perfect...I believe I am at a place in my life where all the bindings that were holding me from being all that I can be are gone...or recognizable...and I can be who and what I am blessed to inspire share my share my artist.

In order to make this journey all that is to be I have found that one of the greatest lessons is not to push the process...let it unfold and it will and it has!
See this blog posting for more insight LINK HERE

I have found that when I push things to happen in my life, it only delays or derails the beautiful things that are suppose to come into my life. It is suppose to flow…to unfold.

When I feel that strong un-ease, I know that I am out of balance…my soul is actually telling me so. I’m resisting all that could be…. I’m pushing down the wrong path.

So, I back off. I take the time to stop and be quiet. It may take moments or days but the truly rightful soulful answer comes to fact it is so clear that I think "duh, of course"! And in some cases the answer may be to wait a bit longer because the right answer or path has not appeared yet.

From there the path is so obviously clear and focused...then I know I'm where I should be on this part of my journey!

Next week...

Letting the Path happen:

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