Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Warrior and the Prophet!

 Hello All!

I believe that we are all experiencing something so unexpected.  None of us ever thought to be confined and to be doing and living in such a different way.
For me, I have used this as a great learning experience. Personally as well as professionally. My learning curve (in both) has flown right off the charts.

I am thankful for the chance to really connect with so many through my art and my
My art and yoga have joined hands and each nourishing the other.

It is a time when anything that sits deep within us will surface. Pleasant and perhaps unpleasant.
I have chosen to look carefully at what will enter my be in the flow...let all unnecessary flow past.
(HA! but I am human and I too, have my a couple weeks ago when I flung myself across the couch stating that I have no purpose in this life...I know! I got over it thanks to my well grounded husband and my happy puppy.)

ART: One of a Kind Pieces
I feel that I am at a place of growth within my life that, finally, I can express in my art what my soul has been trying to communicate with me for years! I can finally just be able to hear the whisper.

I usually will create pieces for the annual NIADA Conference and as it would be this year was different. So it went online and really did a beautiful job. 

I still did create two dolls. And I was happy that I had the space within myself to create a new line of small 12-inch tall doll pieces. Little Treasures or in Japanese  'Takaramono'. These pieces also hold the consciousnesses of Warrior or Prophet. 

Warrior: SenShi
You know how much I love Japan there were samurai women, Onna Bugeisha.
女武芸者, "female martial artist" was a type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility. These women engaged in battle alongside samurai men mostly in times of need. They were members of the bushi (samurai) class in feudal Japan and were trained in the use of weapons to protect their household, family, and honour in times of war.

I thought that at this time, a Warrior was much in need. But one that held high honor to themselves and to others.

Prophet or Teacher: Sensei
This is where artistic license of inspiration takes hold. For there are many more men mentioned in history then women. This is where being an artist I can take the symbolism or meaning and translate in my own "words" or in this case piece of art.
Sensei, Seonsaeng or Xiansheng (先生) is an honorific term shared in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese honorifics that is translated as "person born before another" or "one who comes before". 
In general usage, it is used, with proper form, after a person's name and means "teacher"; the word to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some other skill.


Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei : Founder of Akido
My Art My Voice:
I started these pieces by sculpting the heads in air- dry clay. I knew that I wanted them to be small and have a vintage antique feel to them!
My fabric for the body is vintage kimono silk. I loved this because of the soft creaminess of the white color and the design within the weave!
These tiny heads ( 1 1/2") are sculpted and then covered with the wonderful kimono silk. I appreciate letting the fabric be "the master" and letting it lead the way to where it wants to lay on the face...
Note how the print of the weave works for both of these pieces- more to come!
Below: Faces covered in silk, eyes painted and over all shading
Bodies sewn, armatured, and stuffed...12-inches tall
"X" in memory of my Dad
Warrior: SenShi
I wanted to design somewhat of a traditional kimono- but if she was indeed a warrior- she would have to have movement with her clothing and in tones of the Earth. 
She needed wide-leg pants and a paneled jacket.
Fabrics: vintage kimono silk and green with embroidered gold dots-Indian silk
Yellow Fabric: to be her obi/belt- Indian
Pants- Indian silk.
I loved this ones fabric face- fabric weave looks like a scar of battle at her eyebrow! We all have scars - this one she wears proudly.
Final Images:

Note: I embroidered her eyebrow as if her proud scar was present.

Prophet or Teacher: Sensei
Her clothing came to me to be in the blue tones of the Sky.
Dress in vintage Vietnamese silk lined with red Chinese vintage silk.
Embroidery by machine and hand.
Pants vintage Kimono cotton.
Final images:

Close up of silk jacket trim in Indian silk, hand-made tassel, and machine embroidery

SenSei is available.
Thoughts on this Series:
It has been a stirring in my soul for many years to be able to create something that held the feeling of "before another" other words a piece of antiquity but of today. I feel that I have been able to channel or create that in these pieces. I love the feel of them in my hand and the look of them as they sit upon my shelf gazing at me with the look of compassion and all knowing. 

As I have been fortunate to be an artist for half my life, I realize that art comes and it leaves the artist. These have entered in a fresh new breath bringing that vitality of life. And I know they will be here for awhile and them it will be there time to will be their decision on how long I will be able to create them in my life time.
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