Friday, April 30, 2021

Goldfish: Reimaged Part Two ~ The Body

 The Body and all the Process that goes with it!

So many times, students and others wanting an opinion, have come to me asking what can I do to make my dolls, my figures stand out?

My answer is always the same. Start with the body...and it is a process.

It is first learning the "correct anatomy" so you can then expand on it. OR as the one of the greatest Masters said it...

It is a good thing to learn your skill...your gift and learn it well. And yes, it does take years of devoted practice but not to forget, I believe there is an inherent creativity that is alive and abundant in some.

I have in my years, seen many who have a really wonderful creativity...a Je ne sais quoi in some art. They technically may not be where the "Masters" are but there is something absolutely delightful about their work.

AND...I probably could go on for HOURS about this very subject...but I don't think that is why you are here!! Feel free to tell me otherwise!😉


Let us go back in time and look at my beloved Goldfish. This was the first concept of the Story Hat Doll Series that I designed. It was already there in the ether just waiting (already)...I'm  here...waiting!
This is one of the variations- no two alike.
And as we look at her, she is a child. I purposely made her hands and feet a bit larger. I think subconsciously it is because, as an artist,  I use my hands and I like a firm foothold upon this Earth. These Story Hat doll pieces of which there are many in happy homes or collections where exactly what my heart, my soul was able to express at that time in my life.

And as life has it, or at least mine, my life changed dramatically and with that my soul.
I had found for most of my art career to date, I knew that there was something else within but just could not express it...could not put my finger on it.

And then it happened. My life changed and with that many things opened...the spread of my wings. It happened.
That is why I believe the last three-four years, I have been enamored with wings creations.

The Moth Series. One of Kinds
Tiger Moth
Luna Moth

Ghost Moth

And then a high production of Workshop pieces came bounding out- all that I adore! Well, actually, I adore all my art pieces.

I will show a couple of them to stay on topic of the body.
Starting with LuLu Blu

Shinko Moth

So my message to you, dearest reader, is to take note of the Bodies of each of these pieces.
Goldfish- Story Hat- as a child.
Moths-  as young women.
Lulu and Shinko- as women perhaps in their (reproductive) stage.

And then...
Cicada and Bee- as women.

And not only was my life evolving and changing and in a sense "growing up"...but I was starting to become much more "familiar" with my own inner self.

And now it is time for Goldfish to be reborn...reimagined into this period of my own life.
I initially was going to have her seated...I don't know why I keep trying to "seat" these pieces (as Cicada and Bee)...they are meant to be standing. Period.

As I have re-worked her body she is now fully standing and ready for her next step in coming to this life.

It is time to Stand up and Be who You are. 
Be Brave and share your Brightness with the World. 
I got your back.
I am ready...I have arrived.

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