Thursday, April 1, 2021

New Moon Rabbit Part 4: Sewing the Costume!

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As stated in the previous post I feel the body is the foundation for all that is to come within my art. A body with aesthetically pleasing proportions and movement gives the foundation for all to follow.

The fabrics have been chosen following the "guidance" from the piece being created. 
Mostly vintage kimono pieces.
The paper has been dyed:

And now comes the joyous event of bringing them together! Textures and colors.

I start as always with the foundation of the costume...the bodice. Everything has its own movement from the bodice.

The bodice consist of three pieces. The two fronts and the back.
I used a cotton batting so my "signature topstitching" would showcase the design within the lining fabric. 
Once the three piece are sewn and topstitched, I hand-sew them all together...somewhat keeping to the true nature of a kimono.

As I am a devoted student of Asian culture and aesthetic, I believe in letting the fabric and in this case paper also, having its be the center of attention. 
I am merely the hands that brings it into this reality. I listen and let it guide me where to go....keep it simple and the message will be seen and heard.

I find hand-sewing one of my most favorite moments in creating...I remember years and years ago being so focused in on my hand-sewing breathing with each stitch...and then *snapped* back to where my peripheral vision expanded and the fact that I was sitting at my worktable. I then realized, hand-sewing is so good for you...your soul.

Next the sleeves are sewn together with the paper by machine and then hand-sewn to the bodice. 
I am thrilled with the paper creating such a crater-like appearance upon the under blue silk.

I love stitching and add it to where ever I can. 
In most cases, I am looking for how would it be part of the this case, it would bind the front to the is not there is there quietly.

The top garnet piece is tried on the figure to see how it fits and also how it flows.
Does it enhance her own shape and movement??

Good to step is adding the skirt section.
First the lining side is hand-sewn together.

After that the outside is sewn together. 

I really enjoy being in that space where you can just follow along letting it guide you or perhaps listening to your own soul's voice...maybe it is the same thing.

I initially had "planned" that the skirt would either be gathered or have tucks...but as I was sewing the idea of two loops came up...that was of course, now, obvious. To mimic the obi bow and the viewer would get a small peak to the lining. (As a Geisha shows only the back curve of her neck.)

The addition of vintage metal trim was added at the joining of the bodice and skirt!

Kimono complete...

At this point it is me and my work in my studio...yet to be shared. 

This year is only four months into it and already I have had great (and a bit traumatic) moments of learning...but to once again arise to my truest incredible assuredness and more so a great gratitude in being an artist.

My mantra for this year and the years to come...

I am an Artist.

(Thank you Sean, my darling,  for the constant and yet gentle reminder)

Full Reveal 

Next Week : Part 5

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