Monday, May 2, 2022

Frida: Part One The Concept

She is an icon. 

She usually needs no introduction or last name.

She conjures such mystical feelings in most through her style or art.

My journey with Frida started so many many years ago and then in 2019, I decided that I could start this path of creating Frida with an online workshop.

I have found this to be one of my most difficult pieces to create, not so much in technique but in the hopes of creating my version of a well-known persona and doing her the much due respect that she deserves.

I wanted to bring the richness of her fervent life into this piece with her expression on her face below those recognizable brows that framed her face. I carefully thought about what exactly to dress her in…of course her beloved traditional Tehuana style but for me it was important to add a spiritual sense in the form of a butterfly to touch on her own fragility and resilience.

Link here July 2022 workshop information

One of a Kind Art Pieces

And now, several years later, I feel that I am ready to create her as a one of kind piece(s). 

I am called to create her in a bust form showcasing a glorious headdress and as a full figure in her Tehuana style. Each will have a different expression of who she was. Each will have its own symbolism.


If you follow me, you know, that only do a quick sketch, just to capture the idea.

Frida Bust:
She lived a life of great suffering and great beauty.
This Frida will have a broken heart with the thorns of life that meander up to her full flower headdress.
She painted two hundred paintings in her lifetime and that will be depicted in this headdress which turned her sorrows and suffering into visual pieces. Each flower a blossoming of her soul.

At this point, I am not sure if her bust will remain in clay and painted or covered in cloth...she will let me know.
Personal side note: some have asked what is that circle on your arm?
It is actually a tattoo- an Enso Japanese circle- "The circle symbolizes many things: strength, the circle of life, connection with the Divine, and the beauty in imperfection"
Frida Full Figure
She still is a bit allusive to me right now...I did do two sculpts- one that was realistic and the other in my own style. I chose to stick with my own style.
More to come as this makes its voice known!

Until next week my dearest Readers!

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