Monday, July 11, 2022

Growing the Garden : In Full Bloom!

Her seeds were planted and nurtured with love and being softly spoken to in order that they would arise in their fullness of bloom.

The Second Bloom

Growing the Garden. Daisy is my most favorite flower. They were the flowers at our wedding in Ireland. 
I love them because they are simple and yet so happy. Solid yet feminine. They shine in full bloom.

As I researched Daisies a bit more, I found that they are my birth month- April's conjoined birth flower with Sweet Peas. Of course they are.

And as all things find their way to the right place...I had two exquisite vintage Daisies (yes, in green) that I knew belonged with this piece. I have cherished these daisies for probably 20 years and now was their time to bring joy to another soul!

The Second Bloom symbolizes your time to ascend no matter your age or what life had previously been. It is an invitation to welcome the new, in a sense rebirth, and to share it with others. To set forth with your own devotion to come into your own true full blossom. 

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Two Daisies

These Daisy stems hold quotes:

Never underestimate the power or a seed

For many years now I have planted seeds of my life and now they are blossoming. I have a deep devotion to living my life as an artist. That is why I am help others find their own beauty of  blossoming through my teachings of art and yoga. 

Use your energy to believe, create, and grow

I have found that for me the two intertwine -art and yoga. The beauty and gentleness of both while holding strong and continuing to learn so I can share my technical and heartful experiences as one.

Details: Vintage silk flower , vintage velvet leaves, quotes printed on silk, Cotton print fabric with topstitching and blue flower free form embroidered. NOTE: Seeds planted and stem end.

The Garden εΊ­ Niwa

It was very important to me to create a piece that spoke of being painterly. The skirt and coordinated top fabric I chose has such a beautiful water color effect, that I wanted that carried to her face, hands and feet.

Details: Sculpted clay head with silk - linen weave- overlay. Body sewn in same silk. Dyes of water color and ink. Hand Painted eyes, Hair of  hand dyed tussah silk. NOTE: Seeds at/of the heart.

Full Bloom

In this case, it is all about the skirt from where The Garden nestles.

The Garden is also about growth. As Daisy also represent new beginnings, hope, and rebirth...I wanted this skirt to carry the fullness of this symbolism. 
Details: Wall piece. 
Hat top to toes 30-inches.

It's all about the Hat...

In most - well probably- all of my one of kinds pieces, there is a hat (or a headdress) incorporated. I just have a love of hats within my art. I believe there is a magic in hats! 
As I love to include a surprise in usually my linings of soles of shoes...

Details: Hat all silk, Lining of magenta silk.
Vintage velvet leaves and hat band.
In keeping with the clothing, 
I included my signature topstitching in the hat.

Her hat called to be tall as if still reaching for the sky...for the sun.

Close ups

May your seeds be ever blooming.

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