Thursday, November 21, 2019

Progression...Raven's Flight...PART TWO

Welcome to my series of Progression. Flight.

It is a better is now a discovery of what I learned in how (my) art was my true voice of what was happening in my life at that moment.

As I left my cocoon from my Moths gently stepping out into world again. 
I need to add that at the time of creating the Moths, my soul felt it was in the need to protect its the Moths were very quiet only showing color that was protected in the backside of their wings.
If you missed the first *PROGRESSION* installment you can read it here.

I found I was now able to connect to my soul that had been traumatized and now was finding it safe to start to spread my own wings.
And the journey of awakening continued...

I found my voice in the wings of birds...or I should say they found me.

The Raven

...who comes to me very regularly- either in the form of a raven or of its cousin the crow.
I have seen them as one or as an entire field covered in these black beauties.

They both, Raven and Swallow,  started out in plain off white silk open and willing canvas to come to this world as they wished.
Then to be added to with being in the moment- mindfully NOT listening...just being guided by the brush, the dye, the soul.

I found for the first time in my art work, I was able to let it just happen.
This I believe, was the beginning of my art going from a controlled plan to being a spiritual path.
It is also, at this time, where I found a need for her fingers and toes to be darkly dyed...perhaps of being singed by life's heat and then rising from those flames...but more importantly of carrying the soul knowledge of the lessons learned from those tempestuous flames.

Her eyes needed to express an understanding vision of what life could be. The ability to see further than what was directly in front of her. 
Anticipation... perhaps balanced with some new Wisdom. A Balance.

With the dye...she came into full flight.

"And as she took flight...
she was on the verge of finding
a new understanding within herself."
-Leslie O'Leary

Want to learn more of the Raven Process?

covers creating her body and my mind, body, and soul connection
covers the physical process of dying her costume
final detailing

Next Week PART TWO continues with The SwallowNow, starting to feel safe, my return of color...

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