Friday, December 2, 2011

Pointe Ballet Shoes

I always find creating dolls as a continuous education. My latest commission piece included ballet slippers...I have noticed as I grow in my work, the details start to become all so important and all of sudden more clear that they are even there!

My eyes have opened to delve further into the details of each piece I create. So when I set out to make these little ballet slippers... pointe shoes where the only ones that would do! Ok...Pointe shoes- where to begin, I knew that they were soft pink or skin tone satin, had ribbons and a toe box...internet here I come!

First off What are Pointe Shoes? 
Parts of a Pointe shoe.

A Pointe shoes tightly stretched satin exterior 
exposes the shape of its underlying toe box.

The sole is thin and covers only part of the bottom 
of the Pointe shoe so as to remain inconspicuous.

Ribbons and elastic band used to secure a Pointe shoe to the foot.

ok, so now we have what they are...
How do you make a Pointe Shoe?
I found this video on making pointe shoes!

With a little modification I used basically the same technique with different materials and came up with Petite Pointe shoes for my doll! It was so fun and challenging to make these wee 2-inch shoes!!

More photos of the complete doll to come later....

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