Friday, December 9, 2011

Swan Lake

Last week I posted about the ballerina Pointe shoes...this week here she is Swan.

What a pleasure it was to design this doll for such dear friends! I find so much enjoyment when I create for people I know...Debby was a dancer, so her husband came to me with a special request for her birthday- A ballerina doll...we started with the images from Degas and went from there..
Stone Clay jointed head overlayed with Silk Crepe, Silk Crepe body
Costuming of silk, tulle, swarovski crystals, marabou feathers  
of course I had to add in a music box to the hand-made stool because isn't that what the ballet is- beautiful visual and audio to float by...Swan Lake . I just love the delicate sound of the tuned teeth of the small little music box. It is light and airy just like this doll.

Detail Photos:
Close up of costume detailing
View from back
Face close up
 I love the close up photo, where you can see the texture of the silk fabric and the sparkling painted eyes. I always find this part of my photography sessions with Mark Mortensen, so interesting...and even though I wear super-duper readers the camera sees all, I am always so amazed that things come out as gracefully  and accurate as they do!

Fabric lends itself to the softness of the tint of color...I just love working in cloth!!

Artist Name: Leslie Molen
Title: Swan
One of a Kind 
Year: 2011
Size: 16 inches seated
Doll: Stone Clay jointed head overlayed with Silk Crepe, Silk Crepe body, costuming of silk, tulle, swarovski crystals, marabou feathers.
Stool: Hand-made wooden stool with music box playing Swan Lake
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