Thursday, October 23, 2014

Summer- Four Seasons Series

This is the last of my dolls to share with you of the Four Seasons case you missed any of the series click on the season and it will link to that doll.

Summer, Spring, Winter, Autumn
Doll Photography: Mark Mortensen
Hand-made wood stools: Gary Leitch

Summer ~ Plum Rain
梅雨 Méiyǔ
From mid-May through mid-July, the rainy season kicks in across southern and eastern China. The rains are nicknamed the plum rains (梅雨 meiyu, or “may yoo” in Mandarin) for the season when the blossoms ripen into fruit.
I find as an artist that I can hopefully, translate my hard times from this year into great tender beauty. 

This Summer doll's hat,  has rain drops around her hat...but they could also be tear drops of the person we miss and will remember with all great love and the happiness they brought to us. And  we hold dear what we have learned from them and will make it bloom.

  Rain washes away 

but the Water that remains gives life.


 Close Ups:

 Tiny bead rain drops
 close up of her painted eye
 even more close up!


Summer in her hat. Love the hat silk fabric. I had chosen another fabric for her but after completing her dress and pants, I decided that this was the very best touch. The design was to depict an umbrella shape and then added delicate rain drops around the brim. Note the cording defining each section of the hat.

Her plum colored dress top is made from a very exquisite silk brocade that I purchased in China. It just has that so special hand. I feel so fortunate to have it in my stash and to be able to work with it! Tale note of the placement of the bamboo with in the weave of the fabric. I enjoy the thoughtfulness that goes into each and every step of creating my dolls.
Entire assemble is lined with deep aqua silk dupioni.
The back side of Summer's hat. Take note of the fabric design and how I fussy cut the fabric to work with the shape of the hat...ok, I have to admit, I thought working with her hair required my patience but these little beads...patience! Each on required to be topped with the smallest of a seed bead so they would tangle properly.

Close up of her braided hair. I love this hair, but will tell you it is a bear to work with.  It is so very fine, that I need to wet it to be able to manage it into what ever style she needs. Even with it unruliness I would not use anything is just the perfect air for her.
Very close up of her collar. I cut the silk brocade specifically to pick up the turquoise collar in the weaving.
On Summer, I ran the collar the entire length of the opening down to the pieced skirted rain running down.
Sleeves and pants legs have this beautiful Chinese gold medallion front and center.

Pieced skirted area was done in a deep watery aqua...
Close up of hand-sewn vintage cording to finish of edges.

Finally her shoes, I raised the vamp on them to cover her foot a bit case she came across any puddles.

  Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one's reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.
― Yoko Ono

 I hope you enjoyed this Series...

next up Kitsune!

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