Friday, October 17, 2014

Spring - Four Seasons Series

Spring...a fresh start...a new blossom.
I find that in our hearts, Spring can happen anytime, in any season, after any life changing or challenging event.  

We have all heard the words of Spring sweep out or get rid of the unwanted, but at this time in my life, I feel that is the time to keep all those things that touched or tortured our hearts and spring forth will that new knowledge of what makes us- us and spring forth with those new blossoms of wisdom and hopefully, grace.

Spring ~  Delicate Blossom
精致的花 Jīngzhì de huā

New blossoms symbolize feminine beauty, grace, gentility, and happiness. Pink blossoms convey youth, innocence, and joy. It is the end of difficult period and the beginning of a new Life cycle.
This was the first doll in this series that I created... It was already in my mind's eye and waiting patiently...well, maybe not sooo patient but just bursting to come out.

During my designing process, I had the main fabrics chosen but needed just the right fabric for the hat. I remembered a piece of vintage fabric stashed away...For some reason this piece of fabric just speaks to me..the feel of the well woven soft cotton, the gathering between the stripes and the flowered is really just lovely...I wished I had a good yard of it but all I have is a small square, which makes it even more precious.
I decided to use the flowered textured section only, lining it with a soft pale pink silk. I designed my pattern around the fabric instead of pattern first and then fabric.
Next was to create a trim of ruched pattern from silk dupioni with thin black thread added in. This was cut on the bias for a nice fit around the hat brim area.
Ruching is a French term which means to gather, ruffle, or pleat; the term is a sewing technique in which fabric or ribbon is gathered in a repeating pattern
Next I needed the Spring blossoms, and since I like to create all things for my dolls, I made little silk ribbon flowers and added vintage feathers...
Pictured below with the dress.
This was ok...but not quite the Chinese feel. I felt it was more a 1920's flapper girl look...back to the mental drawing board. Many Chinese hats traditionally have metal pieces on them..that was the ticket. I bought several jewelry findings, reshaped and painted them...added vintage pearls for the flower centers and small pearl and delicate blossoms hanging.
So much better!
In addition to the metal flowers, 
I added paper flowers painted with gold leaf 
and tiny Australian leaf sequins.

Doll Photography: Mark Mortensen
Hand-made wood stools: Gary Leitch
 Update:Spring-Delicate Blossom 
has sprung and found a new home!


Body of Sculpted DAS stone clay jointed-head, head overlay and body of  silk crepe. 
Hand-painted eyes Body lining of cotton batiste. Wigging of mohair.
Wooden beads for jointing of head, arms and legs.
Costume of Silk, cotton, vintage pearls, metal.

Close up...



Upper section of dress in Indian metal-work silk, silk collar.

Sleeves silk brocade and vintage silk cuffs. 
Lined with pale pink dupioni. 
Dress lower half in Vintage Chinese brocade.

 Dress hand-sewn together.
Trimmed with hand-sewn vintage cording.
At this point, can't you tell that I like hand-sewing??
Pants silk brocade with vintage cotton trim for cuffs.
Shoes in silk brocade lined with dupioni. 
Same sequins that I used on the hat!

I hear a bird chirping, up in the sky
I'd like to be free like that spread my wings so high

I see the river flowing water running by
I'd like to be that river see what I might find

I feel the wind a'blowing slowly changing time
I'd like to be that wind I'd swirl and shape the sky

I smell the flowers blooming opening for spring
I'd like to be those flowers open to everything

I feel the season change the leaves, the snow, and sun
I'd like to be those seasons made up and undone
Heather Masse
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