Friday, December 12, 2014


In the last few years, while diving, we see (or should I say find after hunting for a bit) Seahorses. They are in grassy and somewhat shallow areas and blend in so beautifully to their surroundings.

I find them to be remarkable little creatures. They seem so very fragile holding on by their long skinny tails while being pushed and pulled within the current...sometimes even being nudge flat by the rapid current along the sandy bottom, then *pop* off they go...although territorial and hold close to their area.

Here are a couple photos from Cozumel MX...

The Seahorse symbolizes unity, harmony and love.

This tiny creature also represents balance in life and in nature.
 It is the only known species that the males give birth to the babies.

They encompass all that is nurturing and giving.

Story Dolls©: Leslie Molen
 Photography©: Mark Mortensen

I love the water, I find it nurturing and life is remarkable, wondrous and peaceful. I like being under it...within it...more so than swimming on top looking down into it.

With this love of water came a great need to create a Seahorse...

My color selection was based on the reef colors of Cozumel where you find these little ones. I chose a soft watery aqua with rusts of the nearby soft sponges...
Opening her vest (like a book) inside you will find the Seahorse legend in English and mirrored in Chinese on the other side.

Close Up of Costume Design
After years of interest and much study of Chinese design and legends, I know that the Southern areas of China decorative designs are more geometrical, in keeping with that, I embroidered using a variegated thread along the vest and pants edges.

The sleeve and skirt edge have a grassy leaf design in the rusty-copper. 
The interior of the jacket is in a copper silk with soft small aqua flowers.

Shoes are of linen lined with an aqua cotton. 
Small vintage triangular beads for closures.

One design element I like to use, is a pop of color or the unexpected on the soles of my I used a Japanese-print cotton. I feel all angles of the doll are important and deserve extra attention.

Close Up of Hat Design
So I looked online for Seahorses and looked and many wonderful images! From there was able to draft a pattern. I used silk for the main bodies and a little scrap of vintage kimono for the tummy areas. For lightness of their fins I used a  tulle on the back dorsel and vintage netting around the head fins. Vintage sequin adorn around the head.

I wanted to make a pair since they mate for life...
I wanted them nestled in a bed of soft sea-grass

The the grass sitting on top of the brocade silk band of  ocean colors - 
deep aqua and rust with a sandy gold.
Interior is silk of bright reds, rusts, 
soft aqua, and gold in a diamond pattern.

Seahorse are unusual in that
the male carries and delivers the eggs. 
- notice the entwined tails!

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