Friday, December 5, 2014

Usagi Mimi- new rabbit pattern

Once upon a time...

I created Meow Meow Neko read more here...

For many years...

on the sidelines, I have had Meow Meow's buddy, Usagi Mimi sitting there waiting...patiently...

Usagi Mimi- Long Ears

Our focus for this new Usagi pattern is on making your own eyes for your doll which will be added into the doll's needle-sculpted head. The body construction is for a doll that can sit or be hung. Usagi's costuming is in the kimono hime style*- taking the traditional and cute-ing it up!

This doll was about using the great Japanese import cotton chirimen-crepe like fabric for her kimono top. Even though the print is large, I offset it using the design to balance out with the skirt design and shape.

I choose three bright pinks as accents which are in her ears, her obi, and the ruffles on the pants. For her pants I used this great metallic gold cotton to balance out the brightness and pick up the gold-tones within the kimono top fabric.

White eyelet peeps out as the underskirt to balance out the white of Usagi's velvet color. Black shoes help ground her accenting the eyeliner and her kimono color. A nice contrast- the black and white.

Close up:

*The main focus of the Kimono-Hime style is to create a modern-vintage vibe with your outfit, combining antique kimono and obi with modern western accessories.

Her kimono was made from chirimin fabric
I purchased from Japan

Vintage Kimono fabric for her obi
lines with the same liner fabric of the top

The liner, I used a Japanese cherry blossom print
Great eyelet that I had for her underskirt

I especially love these pants in a golden Japanese flower print 
with the ruffles of vintage kimono.

Pattern is now available at
Dollmaker's Journey!

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