Thursday, September 30, 2021

Lotus: Petals- TIME OUT!


As creators, we move along within our own world...a connection between heart and hands. The flow is happening as here above lining up the stamens for the lotus flower.

And then...

It was there all along...just an unease...just a slight nagging.
The Petals...yes...the Petals.

As you saw in the previous post my dyeing process...visit that post HERE.
Thoughtful time and effort was put into those petals...but something was just not quite in sync.

WATCH HERE- click on image below!


I really loved the way they came out using paper and fabric...what was it?

I loved the Lotus leaves.

But together...yet NOT together.

I had to look at the Petals more closely...

Lovely coloring...but they were just too stiff.
As above I had finished joining the vintage stamens into a row and created a pod center for them..
But felt it was too clustered...not enough "breath" for Open Heart Lotus.

So needed to step back...take a TIME OUT! Stop in the name of LOVE!

I had loved the vintage kimono fabric but it was just too heavy...
And there it was after a half day and night's rest in the first beginnings of dawn when I am most in touch with the Divine...there it was.
I knew exactly what need to be done!

The petals needed to be as soft as the leaves...that was it!
So back to re-dyeing ( for the third and final time).

Instead, I chose a beautiful sheer paper that also has a print on it.

AND, then all was again in the Flow!!!

All petals and leaves AND stamens are now in alignment!

To see how they fit together on Lotus visit my YouTube Channel...
Link HERE!

Until next time faithful Readers!
I will be gone next week to join my co-chair, Adele, at the Art Connection Summit 2021!!
Link HERE!


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