Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Lolli Fox : Workshop Concept

She came to me while looking though a fashion magazine, spotting a coat that had patch work. 
I LOVE patchwork...well actually, I love fabric, and color, and prints!


And this is when it dawned on me, how many people out there get confused or intimated by mixing colors and then add prints on top of it! So I thought how can I break this down into a workshop that would be fun to create something whimsical and at the same time learn how to combine colors and prints together to become something really intriguing!?


I had FOX (and rabbit and owl and...) up on my projects board for the last year...and now was her time.

Of course, my Lolli was to be inspired from this coat not a replica...so I set out and gathered my first "draft" of fabrics!
My main fabric of choice is the one in front- the navy with flowers...the rest will feed off of that. Her fur is of panne velvet. I had this beautiful panne that has been over-dyed and was a bit more textured than most pannes...but any stretch velvet will work!

SIDE NOTE: One of things about creating an online workshop is supplies. You need to consider where everyone in the world will be able to get the supplies you are working with! OR have a great option for your students.

The other necessity is that you have great photos/videos. I have found that my usual "in person" patterns went from hand illustrated of 15 pages to about 200 pages with detailed photos.
At this point Lolli body photos/videos are at 150! I want my online presence and workshops to be spectacular and find that I am really enjoying connecting with so many from around the world in ONE class! Where else could we do this??

I always create the head first, this makes the path for her body and then her clothing!
In creating her head, I wanted it to be different than any other head I had done...So many variations were drafted and then sewn in paper towel to see approximately what she would be.

As my years of designing grow, I have found that my understanding of what fabric can do has expanded.
My biggest challenge at this point in my career is to keep it simple straight forward while have a beautiful aesthetic outcome! I probably create five heads- one was so fun but really really complicated...think origami on steroids!

So this quote below, is so very true, keeping simple yet create a great learning expereince! I love learning and I LOVE teaching!

So step one Lolli's head!

I can't tell  you how excited I am about this workshop- I have loads of info on color and prints that will all be added in as special presentations and lessons!

PS- Some of you have been asking about what fabric to start gathering for her body- 1/3 yard panne or stretch velvet in a color and 1/4yard white for muzzle and tummy area.
Check out Etsy for over dyes!

Stay tuned!

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