Friday, December 3, 2021

Lolli Fox - Workshop Ready!

 As I shared in my last post, the design concept...doesn't all start from there? A fleeting vision comes to you and if you are aware in that (precious) moment, you can grab it and create it in your own voice.

So, dear Readers, this is now when I can "indulge myself" a bit by sharing what this workshop will hold for you!

I know all of us taking or giving workshops really concentrate on the How to Do It! All devoted Teachers strive to create to the best of their ability. It is a continued learning lesson for us all- Teachers and Students alike.

As I rolled the concept of Lolli around in my head, I thought what would take this workshop to the next level?...(tell me Divine)...

...and THAT is when it came to me...

And this is when it dawned on me, how many people out there get confused or intimated by mixing colors and then add prints on top of it!
So I thought how can I break this down into a workshop that would be fun to create something whimsical and at the same time learn how to combine colors and prints together into something really intriguing!? To open my student's expand through thoughtful guidance.

WHY do colors and prints work together? 

I needed to break it down into an easy to follow concept for my beloved students.

And I got it! I am so so excited to share my thoughts with you! We will jump right into it in Lesson One!

Can't wait until the end of this post? Click here for more info

I so hope you can join me to find WHY things work together.
I truly believe that this workshop will change your entire perception of print and color...which will open doors, windows, your own wings of creativity!
AND you will learn how to put together (what I think) a gorgeous design of a Fox!

Lolli with Coat

Boot soles and Pantaloons

Coat with interior

Lolli in her dress!!

Want more information??
Workshop start date January 10th 2022.

So hope you can join Lolli and me!


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