Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Lotus - Part Four The Corset

It's all about the corset in this is the opening of the Heart...and as in life- the opening of myself to all that comes.

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Open Heart Corset

"As the lotus plant emerges from the water, its petals open up. For this reason, these beautiful flowers are also symbols of having an open heart and receiving others with compassion. Though the lotus becomes more vulnerable when it opens its petals, it’s able to absorb more sunshine."


I find that when we are able to slow down and take a moment, be still in what is happening at this exact moment, we are ok...we are safe in this very moment. Safe to create and to explore.

The Corset
Originally corset was a "stiff supporting and constricting undergarment. Commonly worn to hold and train the torso into a desired shape".

The Lotus
The Lotus Flower grows in the deep mud, far away from the sun. It struggles to reach and grow towards the light.

How are the Corset and the Lotus Connected?
In life there are times, when we are bound. We feel the tight grip of life.
We are fortunate to be human. We have the free will to change and to find the opening of what life can offer.

Corsets were made to bind and reshape. And since humans are not meant to live bound, we (as women) found the unlacing of the corset and that we have the ability to become what we can be today.

The Lotus searches and reaches the light soon to become the most beautiful flower ever.

As an artist, I feel this is a perfect match of struggle and growth. And in that we can become a beautiful heart leading human. 
Both are connected by transformation and in that a rebirth into our true selves.


I chose the two fabrics from my vintage kimonos. 


The black and cream of silk and wool and the shibori of silk.
I love the stiffness of the silk/wool and the delicate ease of the silk.
So opposite in "hand" but so tied in texture and print.

All piece are machine sewn with a stabilizer.

The with Sparti's help, I sit quietly at my worktable and hand-sew the pieces together.

The pieces go together beautifully.
I love the feel of the vintage fabrics. I am just not quite certain WHY they feel so different. You can feel their history in them.

Close up of the topstitching.

The sewn open heart corset, I will add eyelets into them to close with (at this point) ribbon.

The interior of the seven piece corset.

Open heart corset pinned in place.

I find the creative process so interesting in that you need to let it lead...your job is to follow and create it into this realm of our three dimensional world.

As you can see here from my original sketch I had the lotus petals coming from the hat and down into the open heart corset.
And now?? this very moment, I feel that the petals may all be coming from the heart...and then what about the hat? Well, we will have to see what happens!!

"So, the lotus flower shows us that allowing 

ourselves to be vulnerable and being open 

to others – approaching them with empathy 

instead of judgement – 

benefits them as well as ourselves."

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